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We Have a Facebook Page?

24 Jul

There are several companies, organizations and even people that may not know they have a Facebook or Twitter account. For those that are aware of social media being done on their behalf, do you really know who is controlling the page and what they are saying to your customers?

I believe that social media pages can be a good way to get to know your customers, raise brand awareness and increase sales. However be sure to follow these rules when creating any social media account (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.):

  1. Know who controls the accounts. Be sure that you know who set up the page. Make sure that  they are following your companies mission and goals.
  2. Create a Facebook Page. Pages are much better than a group or friend. A page is something you like, but a group is something you must join. Also the advantage of a page is that comments are coming from the company. On a group page, comments come from the people in the group. So an individuals profile picture shows, instead of your company logo.
  3. Be an administrator. Make sure that more than one person has administrative rights and passwords to your social media pages. If the person that set up your accounts leaves the organization, they may shut down your pages, disparage your company or just leave it with no updates.
  4. Check on your pages. You may be a busy business owner, but make sure that you take time to see what is being said on your pages. You need to make sure that the person is promoting your company in a positive light
  5. Always be social. No one likes to be bombarded by sales messages. It’s almost like having spam in your Facebook or Twitter feed. Talk to your customers, see what they like or dislike. Have a contest or post some pictures of an event. Just do things to keep your customers engaged. It’s best to come up with a plan or have someone (like me!) create a social media plan for you.
  6. Create an account anyway. Even if you don’t have plans to enter the social media field anytime soon, be sure to claim your name early. It’s disappointing to find out that the name you want is already taken. Or even worse, to find out that someone has claimed it to say bad things about you.
  7. Check what’s being said. Search social media sites regularly to see what people are saying. Although Comcast has been given high remarks on their responsive social media, you will find that almost the same number of people like the “I hate Comcast” page as the official “Comcast” page. This may be a way to address problems before they get too far. Remember that an unsatisfied customer tells six people, while a satisfied one may tell one.

The reason I say these things is because of an experience I had with one of my favorite local sandwich shops. I was on Facebook one night when the sandwich shop sent me an instant message (this is not possible if it is a fan page). The guy running the page then proceeded to hit on me, though it may have been flattering, it gave me a weird feeling about the people that may be working for this company. I also second guess going in there now, because what if the creepy guy recognizes me? So those are my social media rules. I have created, managed and developed plans for several companies and individuals.


I’m Twittered Out

15 Jul

For quite a while I was on the Twitter bandwagon. It’s a great source of information, from news to technology to just keeping in touch with friends. And although I still send the occasional tweet, I don’t log into the site very often anymore.

It was almost like information overload. I followed several different news organizations, other public relations professionals and other businesses in my industry. Plus a few of my favorite movie or television stars (but of all the stars I felt that only @Alyssa_Milano actually sent out quality tweets). When you start to follow a few hundred people, the feed is going so fast that you can barely keep up with all the messages.

Then you find yourself using tools like TweetDeck and HootSuite to group people and keep up with different subjects or groups of people. Tweets are typically short, 140 characters or less. But often these tweets link to a site with more information on the subject. Then you spend some time looking at links, retweeting stuff that you found interesting or replying to comments that other people may have said. Next thing you know, you’ve lost an hour or so.

And since there is always so much information, you find yourself going back to find older posts. I saw the signs of addiction. Tweeting at least eight times a day to make sure that I stay in people’s feed. Sometimes scheduling tweets to make sure I didn’t miss peak hours. I’d also spend tons of time looking for interesting things to post.

I often used Twitter as part of my social media strategy at my job. Twitter can be a great marketing tool, if you know how to use it. The people that are just sales pitch-y and not informational or conversational, can be quite irritating. Twitter is a great way to get at early adapters. Twitter is also one of the few social media networks that has a primarily middle aged male demographic.

While I think that Twitter is a great service, at least temporarily I’m not going to be as active on Twitter. But you can still follow me if you’d like @LHaliburton.

Only an Expert on My Life

15 Jun

So as a person that creates social media campaigns for other people and businesses, I know I need to create a strategic plan for myself. I’ve seen Hajj Flemings speak several times about “personal branding”. Other conferences have said that you should use your blog and Twitter to express on what subject matter you are an expert. Well I honestly don’t have much that I think people would have an interest.

I could talk about work, but honestly talking about news trends, social media and healthcare isn’t that fun when you do it all day. Besides there are people much more versed in these subjects than me.

I love social media, but I can’t tell anyone on Twitter how to make their tweets more effective. The people that I follow are already great (so check out some of the people I follow).

So on what subjects am I an expert? I sometimes ask myself that question everyday. But these are the things that I have concluded I know most about:

  • Single and almost 30
  • Living in Detroit
  • Looking for a new job in this economy
  • Media: I love TV, movies, music, reading and the internet

So here’s my life, love it or hate it, I have to live it.

How Twittascope Screwed my Twitter Account

19 Feb

I can’t even remember why I clicked on Twittascope. I think I saw it on another friends page. I really didn’t realize the permission that I had given them to my account. At first I thought it was fine, they only sent one tweet a day, in the morning. After a month, I went to their website and unsubscribed. I also went to the Twitter settings and blocked them from my connections. But somehow they kept sending tweets.

The problem came when I spent about six weeks away from Twitter while taking care of a sick relative. I just couldn’t send out any tweets because everything seemed so grave. That darn twittascope somehow kept sending out tweets. Because of Twitter’s Terms of Service, they have blocked my account from the search function. I’m assuming it is because the only tweets coming out for weeks was from a third-party and also posted the same message to several other accounts.


Accounts may be filtered from search for posting similar messages over several accounts. If you have allowed a third-party application access to your account by giving out your username and password, and this application is updating to lots of accounts with similar or duplicate content, your account may be filtered from search.

So I can’t fight it. I can’t explain it to Twitter. Their comment is just to keep tweeting, and one day my account will be searchable again. There is no timeline of when it will happen. But it makes anyone trying to find me impossible. It’s terrible when you are trying to create an identity in the social media world.

The only thing I could do to finally stop them from sending tweets from my account was to change my password. Which then meant I had to change the password on all of my apps that I did want associated with my twitter account. So hopefully you won’t ever click on their site and be duped into signing up. You can’t get rid of them easily.