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Online Dating Ass #1

15 Jun

Starting talking to a pretty decent guy online. For the first couple of weeks we spoke on the phone for hours and sent several text messages everyday. Everything seemed like it was going to be great. When we first started talking, he said he had to go out-of-town for about two weeks. So that delayed our first meeting.

A few days after he came back, he called me and wanted to meet up like right then. Unfortunately, I already had plans and told him that I usually needed more notice. Plus, my profile clearly states that I’m a busy person.

The text messages started coming less frequently, and he completely stopped calling. When I asked what was going on he said he was out-of-town again and busy with work. I was cool with it. I had my own things to take care of in my life.

Unexpectedly a couple of weeks later, on a Sunday afternoon, he sent a text saying lets meet at a downtown bar. Well once again, I already had plans. He then said that I was the one procrastinating on wanting to meet. I told him the ball was in his court since he was always of town or busy with work. When I asked if we could meet during the next week, he said he was leaving town on Wednesday. I suggested Monday or Tuesday before he left, but he said he was going to be busy with work.

We didn’t have communication after that. On Friday, I sent a text to say hi. His reply was “dude don’t text me no more”.  I mean seriously!?!? I’m positive I didn’t do anything, except not be available at the drop of a dime when he wanted. So, if he didn’t like that, then he shouldn’t have answered my profile that stated “busy, independent and spends a lot of time with family and friends”.

I’ve learned that I’m not changing myself for any man. I am looking for someone who will accept me for the person that I am. Don’t expect me to be available for you when ever you want.