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Did He Really?

14 Jul

So I spoke earlier about this guy I met online and things seemed to be going well, when out of the blue I got a text that said not to bother him anymore. See Dating Ass #1.

About three weeks after that crazy text, I got a text then a call at 2:30 in the morning. I ignored them, but then got another text saying it was important and he called again. Thinking something may be wrong, I answered. He asked why I hadn’t contacted him. I reminded him of the text and he said that he didn’t send it. I told him to call me later and let me get back to sleep.

He didn’t call the next day, but on Saturday sent a text at 7 a.m. I replied later that day and asked if knew what appropriate hours were. When we spoke again I asked about the text and he swore he didn’t send it, but that he did get my message that said “why?” I asked why he didn’t respond to that, but he had no real answer.

So for the last couple weeks he has started calling and texting again, even though I have expressed my anger over the first text message. I mean seriously, I’m almost 30. I’m not completely stupid. I know if he didn’t send the message, that a girl he’s seeing probably sent it. My phone has never sent me mysterious text messages before attached to a contacts name.