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Only an Expert on My Life

15 Jun

So as a person that creates social media campaigns for other people and businesses, I know I need to create a strategic plan for myself. I’ve seen Hajj Flemings speak several times about “personal branding”. Other conferences have said that you should use your blog and Twitter to express on what subject matter you are an expert. Well I honestly don’t have much that I think people would have an interest.

I could talk about work, but honestly talking about news trends, social media and healthcare isn’t that fun when you do it all day. Besides there are people much more versed in these subjects than me.

I love social media, but I can’t tell anyone on Twitter how to make their tweets more effective. The people that I follow are already great (so check out some of the people I follow).

So on what subjects am I an expert? I sometimes ask myself that question everyday. But these are the things that I have concluded I know most about:

  • Single and almost 30
  • Living in Detroit
  • Looking for a new job in this economy
  • Media: I love TV, movies, music, reading and the internet

So here’s my life, love it or hate it, I have to live it.