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I’m Twittered Out

15 Jul

For quite a while I was on the Twitter bandwagon. It’s a great source of information, from news to technology to just keeping in touch with friends. And although I still send the occasional tweet, I don’t log into the site very often anymore.

It was almost like information overload. I followed several different news organizations, other public relations professionals and other businesses in my industry. Plus a few of my favorite movie or television stars (but of all the stars I felt that only @Alyssa_Milano actually sent out quality tweets). When you start to follow a few hundred people, the feed is going so fast that you can barely keep up with all the messages.

Then you find yourself using tools like TweetDeck and HootSuite to group people and keep up with different subjects or groups of people. Tweets are typically short, 140 characters or less. But often these tweets link to a site with more information on the subject. Then you spend some time looking at links, retweeting stuff that you found interesting or replying to comments that other people may have said. Next thing you know, you’ve lost an hour or so.

And since there is always so much information, you find yourself going back to find older posts. I saw the signs of addiction. Tweeting at least eight times a day to make sure that I stay in people’s feed. Sometimes scheduling tweets to make sure I didn’t miss peak hours. I’d also spend tons of time looking for interesting things to post.

I often used Twitter as part of my social media strategy at my job. Twitter can be a great marketing tool, if you know how to use it. The people that are just sales pitch-y and not informational or conversational, can be quite irritating. Twitter is a great way to get at early adapters. Twitter is also one of the few social media networks that has a primarily middle aged male demographic.

While I think that Twitter is a great service, at least temporarily I’m not going to be as active on Twitter. But you can still follow me if you’d like @LHaliburton.