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Birthday Freebies!

30 Jul

When you’re young, you look forward to your birthday. Having a birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese or the skating rink. Even a backyard party with all your friends and family with some cake and ice cream. It seems like the mound of presents just keeps growing as every new guest comes enters. And you wait patiently until you can rip off the wrapping paper with fury. You don’t often know which gift came from whom, but at that age, who cares?

Well once you get older, you realized that you no longer get gifts from everyone. That the day you were born isn’t that important to everyone. Your birthday is just another day. Often you have to remind people that your big day is coming up.

But guess who doesn’t forget my birthday? All the stores and restaurants that I frequent! As my birthday approaches I get excited for the emails and cards from different places offering me freebies. So if you still want to feel like a kid opening up a ton of presents, be sure to sign up for these birthday clubs:

  • Cold Stone Creamery – They email you a coupon for one free small ice cream
  • Red Robin – Emails you a coupon for a free burger of your choice
  • Hungry Howies – sent an email for a free medium pizza with a $5 purchase
  • Victoria’s Secret – They send a card that varies each year. Last year I got a free lip gloss, this year $10 off any purchase
  • JC Penny – Mailed a certificate for $15 off any purchase $15 or more
  • Biggby Coffee – Mails a postcard for a free coffee of you choice
  • Boston Market – emailed a coupon for a free dessert with any individual meal purchase
  • Benihana – Join “The Chef’s Table” and receive a Benihana Birthday Dinner certificate worth $30 to use during the month of your birthday.
  • Bob’s Big Boy – Get a free hot fudge ice cream on your birthday.
  • Famous Daves BBQ – Free food coupon via email on your birthday when you join the Famous Dave’s P.I.G. Club (could be free cake, an appetizer, or some ribs!).
  • TGI Friday’s – Receive a coupon for a free appetizer to use on your birthday

Remember, for most of these offers you will need a valid email address and printer to print out the coupons. Also a lot of these coupons have just a two week time frame in which to use them. Some give you until the end of the month. I see my birthday week as a week I really don’t have to cook anymore. But It may be loaded with a lot of calories.

I suggest using Yahoo mail. They have a great system with disposable email addresses, where you can set up to 50 different email addresses. That way I have all of these places going to one folder and email account. All of these companies will send you emails at least monthly or for other promotional items. But you can also set up email addresses for other newsletters that you get. And at anytime if you start getting too much spam, you can delete the email account, without affecting your main account or other disposable email addresses you have created. Just remember to send you coupons to an account that you will check.