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Like a Kid in Disney World

14 Jul
Disney World

The castle is beautiful at night

Even though I’m turning 30 this year, I finally got to see Disney World, the most magical place on earth, and I was excited. Everything was beautiful. I felt like a big kid enjoying the parade and stepping through Cinderella’s castle.

I’ve been to Florida several times before. Visiting places like Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Key West, Tampa and Orlando. And even though I’ve been to Orlando before, I never visited Disney World. My first trip to Florida was when I was 18 and I went to Orlando.  At that age, I felt that I was too old to go to Disney. I did go to Universal Studios, but mainly because it was much cheaper than a Disney World ticket.  Every other time was for vacation, but I never returned to Orlando.

The funny thing is, my dad actually took me. He wasn’t really in my life as I was growing up. And never really took me on a vacation, except to Sea World in Ohio. So this was a great time for me. We rode some rides together and looked for Mickey so I could take a picture with him. We walked the entire park and rode Space Mountain, which was much cooler than I expected.

I was pretty disappointed however, that I didn’t see Mickey or Minnie. I saw them in the parade and I thought there would be tons of them walking around, but apparently they only come out during the peak season (I went in February). I saw Tigger, but there was a pretty long line to greet him. And even for it to be off-peak season, there were tons of people around and I knew I’d hate to see it during peak season. I did like that for some rides, if the line was long, you could get a pass to comeback at a certain time. This was great for rides like Space Mountain where the line was over an hour and a half long. With the pass we only waited 15 minutes.

It would be great if everyone could experience Disney at least once. I can see myself one day saving to take my children there. But I think that many children (and adults) will never get the opportunity to see Disney or meet Mickey in person. First, that place is terribly expensive. Disney consists of five theme parks and it would take at least three days to see everything. A one day pass to see one park is $80 and the hopper pass (to go between all five parks for one day) costs $130. Now imagine taking a family of four there for three days – that would be over $1,500! And that’s just the park. There’s still travel, lodging, food. It’s almost impossible for many families to make that trip. Even those cool Mickey ear balloons cost $10.

I hope one day they make it affordable enough that most families will be able to see the most magical place on earth.