Target and Neimans must be Crazy

30 Nov
Neiman Marcus Target Collection

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I was excited when I first heard about the Neimans and Target collaboration. I was thinking that it was going to be as exciting as the Missoni collection that debuted last fall and crashed their website. The Missoni line featured their signature style but at high end Target prices. Most pieces were under $40 and looked great. Of course there was some wacky things like a $400 bike, but most things were budget friendly and totally usable.

The Neiman Marcus collection at Target will be officially available for sale Saturday, December 1, 2012. It has been hyped up a lot, even creating spots on my favorite TV show Revenge. The main marketing message is that you can get items from these exclusive Neiman designers at Target. Maybe this is great for people that don’t live within a decent area of a Neimans, but considering there’s one within 20 minutes of me, its not that much of a draw.

Yes, designers featured through this partnership are cheaper than the hundreds to thousands of dollars that you would pay at Neimans, but it still doesn’t feel like they have the Target consumer in mind. Someone looking for style, while on a budget. A $50 cocktail shaker detailed in 18K gold, a weird looking Tracy Reese blouse for $80, or $30 for five cookie cutters. I do love this pink Marchesa dress for girls, but not to the tune of $80 for a little girls dress.

Jason Wu is one of the featured Neiman designers, and offers a couple of cute dresses for girls and some pretty fancy ornaments. However, its expensive. The three-pack of ornaments are priced at $49.99 and the dresses for little girls are $59.99. Not what I would expect to see at Target. Wu also offered an exclusive collection to Target in February 2012. The collection featured over 50 items all priced under $60. The collection was sold out quickly, but not as fast as Missoni collection.

One holiday season I worked at Neimans and the only reason I was able to afford to buy anything was because I had a discount, and still had to wait for one of my double discount days in order to buy something. Working the food area and men’s cologne, I was shocked that people actually purchased $15 potato chips. The colognes and perfumes were priced as many other places, and often had scents that were exclusive to Neimans. Also around the holiday, they would offer things like special gift boxes, free engraving of bottles and other perks. So perfume & cologne is definitely a good buy at Neiman Marcus.

While I find some of the things in this collection cute, I highly doubt there is anything that I would actually purchase. I’m not much on designer names and if I really cared about a big name designer I’d actually go to Neimans, or just hit the Nordstrom Rack. This collection will most likely sell out, but I don’t think it will be the Target customers. Most Target customers will probably be turned off, I know I am. Its the Neiman Marcus customers that will be impressed by the pricing.


One Response to “Target and Neimans must be Crazy”

  1. karenleahansen November 30, 2012 at 5:29 pm #

    That seems like a very odd pairing. I like both store, but for completely different reasons that don’t overlap. Target- household items, necessities, occasionally something decorative. Neimans- clothes and cosmetics. i have occasionally found something in clothing at Target, but it’s not my go to place for apparel shopping. I am not a huge shopper at Neimans, but can occasionally find something there that is worth it to me to splurge. I cannot imagine spending fifteen dollars on potato chips…although, I recently quit a job at Nordstroms and although not a high end as Neimans, plenty of the customers I dealt with would not hesitate to spend that much on chips or three hundred for a tee-shirt!

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