How Twittascope Screwed my Twitter Account

19 Feb

I can’t even remember why I clicked on Twittascope. I think I saw it on another friends page. I really didn’t realize the permission that I had given them to my account. At first I thought it was fine, they only sent one tweet a day, in the morning. After a month, I went to their website and unsubscribed. I also went to the Twitter settings and blocked them from my connections. But somehow they kept sending tweets.

The problem came when I spent about six weeks away from Twitter while taking care of a sick relative. I just couldn’t send out any tweets because everything seemed so grave. That darn twittascope somehow kept sending out tweets. Because of Twitter’s Terms of Service, they have blocked my account from the search function. I’m assuming it is because the only tweets coming out for weeks was from a third-party and also posted the same message to several other accounts.


Accounts may be filtered from search for posting similar messages over several accounts. If you have allowed a third-party application access to your account by giving out your username and password, and this application is updating to lots of accounts with similar or duplicate content, your account may be filtered from search.

So I can’t fight it. I can’t explain it to Twitter. Their comment is just to keep tweeting, and one day my account will be searchable again. There is no timeline of when it will happen. But it makes anyone trying to find me impossible. It’s terrible when you are trying to create an identity in the social media world.

The only thing I could do to finally stop them from sending tweets from my account was to change my password. Which then meant I had to change the password on all of my apps that I did want associated with my twitter account. So hopefully you won’t ever click on their site and be duped into signing up. You can’t get rid of them easily.


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