Apartment Living

21 Jan

I’ve lived in my apartment for almost three years. And have been having several problems with my neighbor. He mainly just does the weirdest things.

  • He likes to keep his door open, with a fan in the doorway to blow the hot air from the hall into his apartment (but doesn’t this make the air cool?).
  • He smokes in the hallway
  • Keeps flammable things in the basement, which is only under my apartment
  • Stands on the porch at all times of night, creeping me out after a night on the town
  • He was actually using an electric saw in the basement a couple weeks ago, what do you need to saw in an apartment?
  • He gets pots of hot water from the utility sink in the basement
  • He picks through garbage around town, so brings home the weirdest things. And one time mice!

I had complained, in person, to management several times, but nothing really seemed to be done. New management came in a few months ago and told them about the problems. They spoke to him and it stopped for a little while, but it started back up again.

Yesterday I wrote an email to management and the parent company that owns the complex. I once again listed my grievances and also the fire hazards he was creating. I told them I would leave at the end of my lease if something was not done. By 8:30 am the next morning they were speaking to him. They called to give me an update. However, that same afternoon, I walk in to see his dirty, smoke smelling apartment door open and fan on. I sent another email right away.

Within 15 minutes I could hear management talking to him and saying he was going to be evicted if they received one more complaint. All of his stuff also needed to be removed from the basement and he needed to keep his apartment door closed.

I’m just glad I brought this to their attention and didn’t give up. Only because I was this close to moving out of this place, and I really like my apartment. I finally got all my pictures hung and would hate to move now.

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