What’s My Name? LHaliburton!

25 Aug

I’ve always hated my name. It’s one of those things that you are given and don’t have much of a choice in the matter.

LaKeshia Lynn Haliburton.

Thanks mom and dad! Did you guys not realize how many syllables were in my name?Didn’t you know the rule, when there’s a long last name, you give a short first name. When I was younger, there weren’t even enough circles on the MEAP test to fill in my whole name. I think part of my name has always been cut off on every class roster I was in.

Now lets analyze the name, beginning with LaKeshia: I went to a lot of schools in the suburbs, where they were not used to seeing the name. I was often called Lake-shea. By second grade, this had begun driving me crazy, so I began capitalizing the K. Thinking that my very smart teachers, would see it as two words La then Keshia. That didn’t work.

Can I even begin to state what people think of when they here the name Keshia? Most people think of a Keshia as being black and often ghetto. My favorite expresion is “you don’t act like a Keshia”. What does that mean? I didn’t live up to the ghettoness that you invisioned a Keshia to be?

Then comes my last name: Haliburton. Most people wasn’t sure what I was growing up. Was I mixed with a caucasin father? Did my mom re-marry and my new dad adopted me. These were questions I was actually asked as a nine year old. Then after 9-11, all I heard was “are you connected to Halliburton Oil?” Ummm NO! As my grandfather used to say (and I didn’t understand at the time) “we can only afford one L.

After years of hating my name, I could now legally change it, but then I would have to get used to a new name, and after being called LaKeshia Haliburton for almost 30 years, I think I’ve finally grown to accept it.

So now I am changing all of my accounts to LHaliburton. It’s my name, and I’m one of a kind!
Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and more at LHaliburton.


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