Ignoring My Health

11 Jun

I work at hospital, and spend a lot of time trying to convince people that they need to see their doctors (I’m in PR and Marketing). The crazy thing is, I’ve been ignoring my own health problems. When I was tired all the time, I assumed it was because of the earlier time change. When my appetite disappeared, I didn’t mind cause I thought I would lose weight. When the weight didn’t come off, I thought it was stress.

One day as I was casually talking to one of the doctors that work at Detroit Receiving, I told him what had been going on. He encouraged me to get checked out. When I explained my symptoms to my doc, she immediately got my metabolism and thyroid checked. Turns out I have an underactive thyroid. It can cause serious health problems, including all the symptoms that I had.

I just write this as an encouragement to bring up things to your doctor. They can never properly assess you if you don’t explain everything that is going on. What I thought were some minor issues, turned out to be a serious health condition that will require monitoring.


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